HYUNDAI i20, 10.2008 - 10.2014

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Body parts

Radiator support

PHN30028A641011J900(-12) gasol.

Cooling system components


RA67611253101R3001,1 CRDi/1,4CRDI; MT; +/-AC; 378x500x26
RA67548253101J0501,2/1,4/1,6 AT +-AC
RA67609253101J0001,2/1,4/1,6 MT +-AC
RA67549253101J2001,4CRDI/1,6CRDI MT/+-AC 480x380x27

Radiator of conditioner

RC940425976061R3001,1CRDI/1,4CRDI MT/+-AC 532x367x12
RC940221976061J0001,2i/1,4i/1,6i, 530x355x17
RC940224976061J2001,4CRDI/1,6CRDI MT/+-AC 512x376x16

Radiators diffuser