FORD FUSION, 2003 - 2005

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Запчасти кузова

Bumper grille

PFD99120AL1207545with holes foglights
PFD99120AR1207543with holes foglights

Engine cover

PFD60011under engine


VFDD1016BLnepaintablem veidrodziui, also Fusion (03-/05-)
VFDD1016BRnepaintablem veidrodziui, also Fusion (03-/05-)

Компоненты системы охлаждения

Radiator of conditioner

RC94587not 1,6TDCI; 580x361

Фары и фонари и их части

Fog lamp

ZRN2007L/R620639H11; ECE
ZRN2007L/R(DP)H11; ECE
ZRN2007K-LEDLED; set 2 pcs.; ECE
ZRN2007L/R(VAL)620639H11; ECE

Head lamp

ZFD1155EL(H)1207399electr., without bulbs cap
ZFD1155ER(H)1207406electr., without bulbs cap
ZFD1155ELelectr., without bulbs cap
ZFD1155ERelectr., without bulbs cap

Turn signal light fender