FORD TRANSIT, 08.1994 - 12.1999

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Запчасти кузова

Body parts

PFD76015GRback headlamp panel
PFD76015GLback headlamp panel also
PFD77012GNrear wing repair part; L=R; metal
PFD76015SLsegment side lower segmentheight (43 cm)
PFD76015VLsegment side lower segmentheight (66 cm)
PFD76016PLstep pad; under the front door
PFD76016PRstep pad; under the front door; with the internal sill
PFD76012Lstep pad; under the front door; with the internal sill
PFD76012Rstep pad; under the front door; with the internal sill

Bumper cover



PFD76015GDback bascule door metal.. to glass
PFD76015GD20back bascule door metal.height (20 cm)
PFD76015GD45back bascule door metal.height (45 cm)
PFD77700GRbackdoor external metal,lowerheight (20 cm)
PFD77700GLbackdoor external metal,lowerheight (20 cm)
PFD76018GLbackdoor external metal,lowerheight (40 cm)
PFD76018GRbackdoor external metal,lowerheight (40 cm)
PFD76031GLbackdoor external metal. to window
PFD76020GLfront door lower repair part
PFD76016ALfront door outer lower repair part; to the first imprint
PFD76016ARfront door outer lower repair part; to the first imprint
PFD76016CLfront door outer lower repair part; to the second imprint
PFD76016CRfront door outer lower repair part; to the second imprint
PFD76017VG6962921internal repair of rear lift doors
PFD76016GDsliding door bottom plateheight (29 cm)
PFD76014GDsliding door bottom plateheight (59 cm)
PFD76017GDsliding door lower internal metal.
PFD76016GLthe lower inner part of the rear door; aukštis (19 cm)


PFD10067GLrear; long base
PFD10067GRrear; long base
PFD10068GLrear; short base
PFD10068GRrear; short base
PFD10097AL7180501/1649249with a turn signal hole
PFD10097AR7180500/1649250with a turn signal hole

Front wing

PFD76020PLinner part of internal arch
PFD76020PRinner part of internal arch
PFD77009ELrear end +1/3 sill
PFD77009ERrear end +1/3 sill
PFD77011ELrear part
PFD77012VLthe back of the inner arch
PFD77012VRthe back of the inner arch





Inner fender


Rear wheel arch

PFD77021GLinternal part; long base
PFD77021GRinternal part; long base
PFD77020GLinternal part; short base
PFD77020GRinternal part; short base
PFD77010GLlong base
PFD77010GRlong base
PFD77010TGLshort base
PFD77010TGRshort base


PFD76015ELinternal part/under the front door
PFD76015ERinternal part/under the front door
PFD76007CRunder sidesliding door
PFD76013ELunder the front door

Бампер задний

PFD41119ALback side angle
PFD41119ARback side angle

Компоненты системы охлаждения


RA6204811127022,0 MT/+AC 702x363
RA6204910304912,0 MT/-AC 600x335
RA6224170457152,5D MT/-AC 600x329
RA62058A94VB8005FB2,5TD AT/+AC 702x359
RA62081A70457142,5TD MT/-AC 600x358
RA6208010239202,5TDI MT/+-AC 538x359

Фары и фонари и их части

Fog lamp


Head lamp

ZFD1151ML(DJ)1114896mech.. with plastic glass
ZFD1151MR(DJ)1114892mech.. with plastic glass
ZFD1151ELelectr. with plastic glass
ZFD1151ERelectr. with plastic glass

Lighted canopy number plate

ZFD1300N6161387also Transit (86-/91-/94-/00-/06-)

Tail lamp

ZFD1918ALwith slot compact. wide also Transit (91-/94-)
ZFD1918ARwith slot compact. wide also Transit (91-/94-)

Turn signal light


Turn signal light fender