FORD GALAXY, 04.2000 - 04.2006

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Запчасти кузова

Bumper grille

PFD99201L1121655GALAXY (00-03), center. L
PFD99201R1108683GALAXY (00-03), center. R
PFD99201BL(OE)1108670GALAXY (00-06), with holes foglights, black
PFD99201BR(OE)1108667GALAXY (00-06), with holes foglights, black
PFD99202R1322550GALAXY (04-) hook short R
PFD99202L1322552GALAXY (04-) long L

Engine cover

PVW60002Aalso (00-)
PVW60002A(Q)7M3805687Pqualitatively; also (00-)

Inner fender

PFD11010Lalso FD GALAXY (00-)
PFD11010Ralso FD GALAXY (00-)

Motor barrel windshield washer

PAD55501B3B0955681Aheadlamp washer.

Компоненты системы охлаждения


RA67304A7M3121253B1,8i/2,0i/1,9TDI MT/AT/+-AC 635x377; also FD GALAXY (00-)
RA62013AT/MT; +-AC; 2,3

Radiator of conditioner

RC945751108838all 520x363x16; also FD GALAXY (00-)

Фары и фонари и их части

Fog lamp

ZVW2018LValeo Type; H7; ECE
ZVW2018RValeo Type; H7; ECE

Head lamp


Tail lamp


Ticker lights

ZVW955009-91J0941295Aalso VW BEETLE 98->; CADDY 04->; PASSAT 10->; TOURAN 07->; TRANSPORTER T5 03->; AD A3 03->; A8 94->; TT 06->; IVECO DAYLY 99->; SMART FORTWO 98->