FORD MUSTANG, 2013 - 12.2014

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Запчасти кузова

Bumper bracket

PFD44003LAR3Z17C861Bplastic on fender, also Mustang (13-)
PFD44003RAR3Z17C861Aplastic on fender, also Mustang (13-)
PFD44015LDR3Z8C391Aupper "dalgio" holder
PFD44015RDR3Z8C391Bupper "dalgio" holder

Bumper cover

PFD04015BGT(NKK)DR3Z17D957ABPTbase/GT model
PFD04015BGT(OKK)DR3Z17D957ABPTbase/GT model

Bumper grille

PFD99023BGDR3Z17K945AB/DR3Z17K945BABASE model; center; honeycomb
PFD99023SLDR3Z17E811BAwith holes foglights, base/GT/BOSS
PFD99023SRDR3Z17E810BAwith holes foglights, base/GT/BOSS
PFD99023LDR3Z17E811AAwithout holes foglights, base/GT/BOSS
PFD99023RDR3Z17E810AAwithout holes foglights, base/GT/BOSS

Bumper molding

PFD02006GDR3Z17C830AAback bumper, low.

Bumper rebar

PFD440015R3Z17757AAalso (10-), (13-)
PFD33004PDR3Z8C371Aplastic, centerl holder grill. holder on frame

Engine cover

PFD60024DR3Z17626Bunder bumper, 3.7L/5.0L

Expansion tank

PFD50001CR3Z8A080APFMwith cap, GT and V6 model, except Shelby GT500, also (13-)


PFD10006LAR3Z16006Bbase/GT model, also (13-)
PFD10006RAR3Z16005Bbase/GT model, also (13-)

Grill bracked



PFD07021GTDR3Z8200ABbase model, without frame
PFD07022GBCR3Z8200BAPTMBOSS 302 model, black, with additional headlamp imitation
PFD07028GDR3Z8200CCCalifornia special, black, strip
PFD07024GDR3Z8200ADPONY packing, honeycomb, with chrom..


PFD20016ATDR3Z16612Awith turbo, alum.
PFD20016MTwith turbo, metal..
PFD20015MDR3Z16612Bwithout turbo, metal..

Hood hinges

PFD22002L5R3Z16797AAalso (10-), (13-)
PFD22002R5R3Z16796AAalso (10-), (13-)

Hood lock

PFD22002SPAR3Z16700Aalso (13-)

Inner fender

PFD11006LAR3Z16103A1 part, SHELBY GT500, also (13-)
PFD11006RAR3Z16102A1 part, SHELBY GT500, also (13-)
PFD11006GLAR3Z16103B2 part, SHELBY GT500, also (13-)
PFD11006GRAR3Z16102B2 part, SHELBY GT500, also (13-)


VFD1007ELDR3Z17683DAelectr., heated, paintable
VFD1007ERDR3Z17682DAelectr., heated, paintable
VFD1007LDR3Z17683CAPFMelectr., paintable
VFD1007RDR3Z17682CAPFMelectr., paintable

Radiator support

PFD30002VAR3Z16138Aupper, also (13-)

Radiator support lower

PFD30002APBR3Z5019Balso (13-)

Window washer tank

PFD50003AR3Z17618Awith motor., also (13-)
PFD50003BAR3Z17618Awithout motor., also (13-)

Бампер задний

PFD04013BGPDR3Z17K835BAPTMtail, base/GT model, with parktron.
PFD04013BGDR3Z17K835AAPTMtail, base/GT model, without parktron.

Компоненты системы охлаждения

Fan shroud support

RDFD5118-2also FD MUSTANG, (10-), (13-)


RA692224R338005CEV6/4.0 V8/4.6 P/A 26MM, also 10->, 13->

Radiator of conditioner

RC3791AR3Z19712Aalso (13-)
RC3791(P)AR3Z19712Aalso (13-)

Radiators diffuser

RDFD325323W14R3Z8C607AAalso FD MUSTANG, (10-), (13-)

Фары и фонари и их части

Fog lamp

ZFD2015L/R6E5Z15200A(11-) GT/California Special Edition also Mustang (13-)

Head lamp

ZFD1140KDZXtuning, set, black, transparent, with ring, with lens, XENON, without block.
ZFD1140KCZXtuning, set, chrom.., transparent, with ring, with lens, XENON, without block.
ZFD1140XLDR3Z13008DXenon, D3S
ZFD1140XRDR3Z13008CXenon, D3S

Tail lamp